Nonviolence: Ahimsa - ニューヨーク直送 HSPライフコーチ

Nonviolence: Ahimsa

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Many of the Yoga practitioners

believe in “Ahimsa”.


Ahimsa is a Sanskrit word

that means “not to injure”

or “compassion”.


It is one of the key philosophy

that Ancient Indian religion holds.

Ahimsa is often referred and

translated as “nonviolence”.


Mahatma Gandhi was a great leader

who brought independence for India

without using violence.


Ahimsa, of course, means that

we don’t hit, kick, kill, etc.

Yet that is not all.


In actuality, it means so much more.


Ahimsa means to love other living beings

and live in harmony with each other.


We co-create peaceful environment

for all humans and other creatures.


Ahimsa also means that we treat

ourselves with love and respect.

Unless we truly learn to love and

respect ourselves, we cannot love

and respect others.


When we are too critical of others,

we are critical of ourselves.

We must accept ourselves as we are.


When we are demanding too much

of others, we are also demanding

too much of ourselves.  We become

too strict, too busy, and workaholic



When we don’t truly believe

we deserve the best,

we don’t really believe

others deserve the best.


Taking a good care of yourself is

a seed of Ahimsa.



Everything starts from compassion.


We are one with the Universe.






七色の光の橋を使ってあなたの本当のミッションを発見しましょう。そのミッションや目標を実現するための Step by Step ワークです。
*  天と地をつなぐチャクラワーク 



* あなたの目を見て声を聞くことで感情が動く → 脳が活性化する

* 受講者側からも楽しい・興味が湧く・集中力が上がる → 学びが深くなる

* 受講者にとっても、直接的に素早いフィードバック・サポートがもらえる

* ソーシャルネットワークと組み合わせて、より一層有効活用できる

* ウェビナーを通してより深い人間関係を育てることができる

* 動画やスライド、音声など他のメディアとの連携がしやすい

信頼感・親近感が深まる  →  Win Win の状態ができる


* 今そこにいて本当に興味のある方とより直接的につながれる(速効性・即時性)



自己紹介 * 



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